Pinterest has come a long way from a pin-board with no connection to commerce. It is consistently offering new products for brands, the most recent one being Showcase. Brands can highlight new or anticipated launches for visitors to their Pinterest page, generating interest in their products. Anastasia Beverly Hills, Urban Decay, and Mac Cosmetics – all Gifted and Genius brands in L2’s Digital IQ Index: Beauty – were early adopters of Showcase. They immediately posted products as soon as Showcase launched in November.


Urban Decay uses the platform to promote influencer tutorials featuring its products. Catering to a segment of online users unlikely to watch full YouTube tutorial videos, the brand breaks down their content into illustrated visual steps, optimized for the mobile screen.

Even if brands don’t have the resources to go as far as Urban Decay, simple repins can add up and lead to larger community sizes. L2 research shows a direct correlation between repining influencer content and follower growth during Q4 2016.

While Pinterest collaboration activity has clear benefits, brands may want to be slow when investing in new Pinterest content – especially if that content is made specifically for pins. L2 research finds no correlation between the amount of original content a brand posts and the followers amassed. In fact, buzzy brand Ouai has over invested in pins and posted more than 1400 pieces of original content to Pinterest in Q4 2016. During that time period, its followers grew less than many others.

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