In a previous post, we mention that Beauty brands in the U.K. are investing in video, without much ROI on YouTube because of their low ranks in search results. In comparison, most Beauty brands in Germany don’t invest in video at all.

For example, just 33% of brands have more than five videos on their site and just over a quarter provide how-to videos, which are among the most popular videos in the beauty category. However, German beauty sites are better than U.K. sites in one dimension: they feature the videos they do make prominently on their site. Twenty-two percent of brands in the Germany Beauty Index place a video prominently on the home page.

Brands are missing the opportunity to convert visitors, as 64% to 85% of visitors are more likely to buy a product after watching a product video. For more on missed opportunities in the Beauty Germany category, stay tuned for our upcoming Germany Beauty study.





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