Japanese messaging app from Naver, LINE, is on its way to becoming one of the default messaging apps for Japanese smartphone users.  In 2012, Line launched a feature that allows brands to create and manage their own account page, and provided followers with promotions and updates on their timeline and through direct messages


The number of brand accounts on LINE has increased steadily in the past couple of years to over 200, but reception varies across categories. The graph above shows that only 3% of the brands in the upcoming Digital IQ Index: Japan Luxury have an official LINE account, compared to a fifth of the brands in the upcoming Digital IQ Index: Japan Beauty.


Since LINE is a social network based on mobile contacts, users tend to decide which accounts to block based on how beneficial their messages are. A study found that 82% of LINE users enjoy receiving discounts and coupons from official accounts. The graph above reveals that beauty brands have on average a larger following than luxury brands due to their marketing tactics. Beauty brand HABA, with over 3 million followers, frequently offers coupons, which are an effective O2O marketing strategy for beauty brands on LINE.


BeautyBrands in Japan are already implementing Line features into their digital marketing strategy. It enables them to reach consumers directly by deliveringinformation and discounts straight to their inboxes. Will luxury brands in Japan follow soon?


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