Email is French internet users’ preferred method for receiving marketing material from brands. 46% prefer to access marketing materials by email, compared to 32% by website and 5% by social media.

However, our Digital IQ Index: Beauty | France report finds  few Beauty brands in France are incorporating the preference in their strategy. They send only 0.52 emails per week, while brands in the U.K. and U.S. send 0.93 and 1.4 emails per week, respectively.

Beauty brands in our Index exhibit other shortcomings in email strategy other than lack of frequency. 90% offer email sign-up, but only 46% send a welcome email. Calvin Klein, who has the highest average weekly email frequency, sends emails to French subscribers in English.

Exceptions to the norm are Yves Saint Laurent and Decléor. Yves Saint Laurent Beauté offers a welcome gift in exchange for email address submission, and Decléor customizes emails by product category.

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