A previous L2 post covers how brands are relying on discounts to maintain high open rates. The Home Goods category is the biggest offender, followed by Big Box and Apparel and Accessories. One category with a very small open rate was Beauty. Only 28% of Beauty brands promote a discount in the subject line, opting to offer a free gift with purchase or free shipping instead. 56% of Beauty brands promote a gift in their subject line, and 75% promote free shipping.


In an interview with L2, RichRelevance CMO Diane Kegley mentioned that discounts have increased over the past few years. The number of deals has increased by 63% between 2009 and 2013, while the average discount was 36% last year vs. 25% in 2009. Kegley says the reliance on promotions is not necessarily a good thing, brands should aim for personalized convenience instead.


According to L2’s 2013 Digital IQ Index: Beauty, four in five Beauty brands provide newsletter signup and email frequency is up 30% year-over-year. Perhaps Beauty brands’ approach to marketing emails (steering clear from discounts) can provide an example for other categories.

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