blog1Our Digital IQ Index: Beauty | France, released this week, assesses the digital competence of 58 local and global brands in the French Beauty market. Among the report’s findings was that U.S. Digital IQ does not necessarily transfer overseas. A big surprise was Kiehl’s; ‘Genius’ brand and runner up in our Digital IQ Index: Beauty, U.S. fell in to ‘Average’ and 23rd in France. Kiehl’s had failed to translate it loyalty program and review system to its French site. It had also neglected to create a mobile site for French customers.

Other surprises were Elizabeth Arden, Giorgio Amani Beauty, Neutrogena, and Bare Escentuals, all which dropped from ‘Gifted’ in the U.S. to ‘Feeble’ in France.

Overall e-commerce underinvestment in the France Beauty industry partially explains the divide. 56% of brands in our French Beauty Index fell in the Challenged and Feeble categories. Only 48% have mobile-optimized sites, compared to 75% in the U.S., and social media is anemic with an average of 3.8 Facebook posts and 6.3 tweets a week. To read more on our assessment of the French Beauty market download an excerpt of the report here.

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