As part of beauty brands’ scramble to maintain relevance, site relaunches have been trending this year. Here are three of the top beauty site relaunches:


Smashbox: This brand’s new mobile-optimized site places content where consumers are most likely to interact with it. Shorter diagnostic quizzes are placed in relevant gallery pages to help shoppers choose the right product. These new diagnostic quizzes are more mobile friendly: For example, a question asking “What’s your fave format?” has four answers (liquid, cream, powder, and don’t care), all which fit in a mobile screen. The answers are accompanied by texture swatches and descriptions to create a more visual experience. These simplifications reduce friction, particularly on mobile devices. For example, the diagnostic quiz for a Smashbox primer has been pared down to three steps.


Marc Jacobs: Tapping into its fashion roots, this brand was able to create a unique site that adheres to best practices. The new site boosted the brand’s site score 31% year-over-year, and lifted its Digital IQ by 19% in L2’s Beauty Index. Real-life animations of sketches resembling fashion sketches fill up the gallery pages, and the minimalism guides users in selecting products. For example, on the mascara page, sketches of the eyes are animated with a sweeping gesture of the mascara brush helps identify the benefits of the formula. Content like product videos, tutorials, applicator views, and detailed how-to descriptions demonstrate best-in-class merchandising. Every product page features a quote from the designer about the inspiration behind the product’s texture or shade, differentiating the content from other Beauty brands.


Maybelline: Maybelline’s site relaunched helped move the mass brand into second place in L2’s Beauty Index. The site’s strength lies in its rich merchandising content seamlessly integrated on gallery and product pages. Its content has paid off in search visibility: Maybelline is the most visible brand in the beauty Index, appearing for 60% of cosmetics keywords.

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