Bed Bath & Beyond circulated a beta test last week of its new site, which highlights registry programming. Given that the retailer already sees over two times more referral traffic from registry site The Knot than Crate & Barrel, the new focus seems like a smart move, reflecting the brand’s Gifted ranking in Gartner L2’s Digital IQ Index: Big Box

Specifically, the site features a sleek interface redesign and updated search bar functionality with links to the Beyond+ beta premium loyalty program and registry pages. This will likely improve the registry’s performance by streamlining access and reminding potential customers of its offerings.


In addition to registry promotion, the flagship home retailer features its beta version of Beyond+ in the search bar, drawing attention to the program the same way DSW organized a successful launch of its VIP loyalty rewards program. As retailers develop and promote their loyalty programs, site redesigns can prompt users to investigate or become reacquainted with new program features, something Beyond+ appears to do with bold benefits stated on its page.

Beyond+ boasts significant discounts for “Just $29 a Year,” yet hasn’t increased the average number of visits per visitor in the last year. However, the financial value and continued on-site promotion of Bed Bath & Beyond’s loyalty program may position Beyond + as a supplementary program for the nearly 60% of Americans with Prime memberships.

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