By creating a seamless path from product page to store locator, brands can encourage site browsers to take the next step towards purchase. However, while Beer brands frequently create captivating product pages, few go on to drive customers towards retailers or e-tailers – missing a key opportunity.

Only half of brand sites in L2’s Digital IQ Index: Beer include a store locator, and of those, barely a quarter offer geolocation. Even brands with locators elsewhere on their sites often fail to include them on product pages.


The same is true for online retail. Just three U.S. Beer brand sites 
link to online retailers such as Drizly and Minibar, and those links are often hard to find. For example, Stella Artois hides a link to in the locator, meaning that users must input a zip code and select a product before a link appears. By making these links more accessible, brands could inspire substantially more purchases.




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