betty-crocker (1)‘Genius’ brand Betty Crocker topped L2’s inaugural Digital IQ Index: Food alongside Kellogg’s. At the heart of the brand’s success is leveraging its database of over 15,000 recipes on its desktop site and mobile and tablet apps. The desktop site is one of the top 10 destinations for recipes, and features a searchable database, embedded videos and general cooking tips. Organic search results for Betty Crocker terms link to recipes with Gluten Free products and feature an on-site search box.


The differentiating point for Betty Crocker, however, is apps that complement each other. Betty Crocker has published a cookbook, which it supplements with an iPad app for newer recipes and additional tips. The iPad app has received more than 21,000 reviews to date in the iTunes store.


The ‘Betty on the Go’ Android and iOS apps bring up new recipe suggestions when shaken. User can also search for recipes by ingredient, and add any ingredient to their grocery list, which is synced across devices.


Betty Crocker provides a complete site experience for those new to the brand, and a comprehensive, coordinated app experience for those who want to be in touch with the brand at all stages of cooking and grocery shopping.

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