corn-flakes (1)Kellogg’s topped our just-released Digital IQ Index: Food alongside Betty Crocker. Behind Kellogg’s success is being accessible to consumers on all devices and encouraging repeat purchases through a rewards program. As mentioned in the L2 report, Americans hold nearly 200 million grocery loyalty program memberships, and 58% of consumers use loyalty cards every time they shop.


Kellogg’s has capitalized on the repeat purchase opportunity by being one of nine Index brands to offer a loyalty program. Ease of use sets Kellogg’s rewards program apart; once a family signs up for an account, members can add points by text messaging box top codes or entering them on the mobile and desktop sites. Kellogg’s is one of two Index brands to integrate its loyalty program with Facebook, a wise move considering loyalty members of consumer packaged goods brands engage on average 2.5x the average consumer.


Recipes are another way Kellogg’s puts its product on top of consumers’ minds. Kellogg’s recipe book (available on desktop and mobile) is filtered by cook time and searchable by ingredient, designed to lead consumers to discover new Kellogg’s products. The recipes are highlighted in the brand’s personalized email marketing program, which also features offline events and coupons. Overall, Kellogg’s communications with consumers has the right mix of utility and promotion, partially responsible for its ‘Genius’ status.

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