Cyber Monday sales hit $7.9 billion this year, the largest day of shopping in the history of the US, and retailers bulked up their efforts to capture a share. 

Amazon released its first toy catalogue; Target removed its free shipping minimum threshold from November 1 through December 22, eliminating some of the friction customers experience before deciding to make a purchase; and Walmart extended free two-day shipping and in-store returns to marketplace offerings, expanding its assortment, while also capturing a large share of visibility against searches for toys on Google, accounting for 21% of Shopping Ads that appeared in the top five positions. Kohl’s also saw strong visibility, indicating that the retailer’s efforts to expand into the toy category paid off this holiday season.

Though Best Buy lacks the breadth of inventory of those retailers, especially within the toy category, the consumer electronics retailer still saw a significant share of Shopping ads in the top five positions.

Best Buy appeared most against searches for “Fire TV,” showcasing the product at an average price higher than that on However, as mentioned in Gartner L2’s Digital IQ Index: Big Box US, Best Buy does a better job aiding shoppers looking to buy Amazon products than Amazon itself. 

Product pages for Amazon’s Fire TV are rich with information, from media content to buying guides and product bundles. Retailers that sell smart devices from Amazon should invest in making themselves visible against searches for these products on Google, the destination for information about these devices, in order to capture a greater share of sales.

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