L2’s Intelligence Report: Mobile & Tablet finds that 93% percent of brands have a store locator on their mobile site. Benefit Cosmetics, however, takes the store locator to a new level by extending it to department stores and Sephoras that carry its products. Additionally, Benefit is one of the 24% of brands in L2’s Intelligence Report: Omnichannel Retail study that allows customers to book in-store services online. Benefit is also ahead of many retailers in the store location features it offers. For example, it displays all initial results on a map, a feature in just 26% of mobile store locators in the study.

Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 2.01.33 PM

Mobile shoppers are 4.8x more likely to covert in-store than on their phones, according to L2’s Intelligence Report: Mobile & Tablet, making tools for driving consumers in-store essential to a robust Omnichannel strategy. A surprising finding of the graph above is that more brands have invested in developing features for their desktop store locators than their mobile even though using a store locator is the top mobile shopping activities among mobile users. Seventy-six percent of mobile users are likely to use a store locator on the smartphone vs. 39% on a tablet.


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