MOBILE (3)In a previous post, we mention how brand tablet optimization lags despite the high conversion rate on the device. (L2’s Intelligence Report: Mobile & Tablet finds tablet users convert at 2.7x the rate of smartphone users.). However, a few brands have led the pack and created a stellar  experience on the device.


Nike: Among the 7% of brands that dynamically reallocates page elements depending on whether the device orientation is held in landscape or portrait view. Products on the tablet page are arranged to make optimal use of screen real estate to filter through 7,000 existing SKUs.


Bottega Veneta: Among the 12% of brands that allow users to define the tile size of product images. Menus are non-intrusive and images have a “quick-view” option for detailed information.


Rimmel: Features a right-sized navigation banner and large format menu buttons.


David Yurman: Among the 21% of brands that consolidate each step of the checkout process in a single page without the need to refresh.


Other brands have crucial features missing.


Chanel: Even though the overall tablet experience is well thought out, it is limited to landscape mode. When held in portrait mode, the site orders the user to flip the tablet.

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