L2 Research Lead Bill Duffy shares insights from L2’s second Beverages report, which examines and rates the digital performance of 116 beverage brands.

In search, beverage brands are ceding all Google search categories to retailers except for a few small brands. For example, GT owns a significant portion of search results for kombucha and Ensure has high visibility for protein drinks.

Select beverage brands are making outsized investments in social media content. Red Bull, for example, has positioned itself to become a media company that happens to sell beverages. Its videos have been viewed more than $2 billion times on Facebook and YouTube, while its Instagram posts account for more than half of interactions with Beverage brands in the category.

Most social platforms – especially Facebook – have become pay-to-play, but Untapped and Beer Advocate provide an opportunity for craft brews to solicit organic engagement. Quality is rewarded on those platform with fan check-ins, leading Sierra Nevada and New Belgium to benefit.

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