Screen shot 2013-10-07 at 10.06.09 AMIn what is the largest change in functionality for Snapchat in its two-year history, the emerging social platform unveiled a new feature last Thursday called Stories. Now, users can add snaps to their daily Story, a visual compilation that can be viewed an unlimited number of times. Each snap in “stories” disappears after a 24-hour lifespan, preserving the ephemeral nature of the platform, while at the same time encouraging users to participate in longer narratives.

Fittingly, Thursday’s announcement was made via a snap. Users received a 48-second teaser clip featuring music from either Goldroom, Smallpools, or Guards (see videos below). The completed snap let users double tap to download the performers’ music on iTunes or Google Play. The announcement marks Snapchat’s first integration to a point-of-sale.

In our new Social Platforms report, released earlier this summer, we looked at the success of Snapchat as a photo-sharing platform, noting that in April 2013, its users shared 150 million photos per day day. That number has since ballooned to 350 million photos per day in September, dwarfing Instagram’s 55 million daily photos and putting its photo traffic on par with Facebook’s. While some brands, like AcuraTaco Bell and designer Rebecca Minkoff (who uploaded her Spring 2014 collection to the platform in real-time last month) have taken this growth as reason to experiment on the platform, overall, brands have been slow to enter the space. However, the ability to add content that consumers can view numerous times, along with the possibility of integrating images with points of sale, may help convince more brands to grow their Snapchat presence.

Introducing Snapchat Stories feat. Goldroom

Introducing Snapchat Stories feat. Smallpools

Introducing Snapchat Stories feat. Guards

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