Online jewelry retailer Blue Nile has hired Jason Goldberger, Target’s former chief digital officer, as its new president and CEO. Given his experience at Target as well as other e-commerce businesses including Amazon and Gilt Groupe, Goldberger’s hiring highlights the brand’s ambitions to dominate digital.

Blue Nile has been one of the most aggressive brands in its sector from a digital marketing standpoint. For example, the brand buys PLAs on the search term “tiffany” in an attempt to lure shoppers toward a cheaper alternative, while other disruptors have been reluctant to address branded search terms due to the fact that major brands continue to control that real estate. Another of Blue Nile’s digital assets is the brand’s sophisticated ring finder tools. The site deploys a series of filters and sliding scales that let shoppers match their exact preferences for metal, cut, carat, price, and other criteria, in contrast to major brands’ sites, which generally lack product finders and other customization tools.

Jewelry brand site investments

Blue Nile is not a new disruptor; rather, the brand is one of the oldest online jewelers. However, after recent years of slowing growth, the brand seems to be making a resurgence, proving that disruptors don’t have to be new – they can be any companies making the right investments in digital.

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