Consumer behavior in the US, UK, and France has become increasingly similar, with beauty shoppers simultaneously seeking out the same content, products, and trends. For example, Kylie Jenner’s lipsticks trend across all three regions, as reflected in the chart below.

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However, the EU market also has its own particularities. Some strategies to consider:

Scale up. Brands that operate at the global level can generate efficiencies through scale, from standardising site content to duplicating hero photos across social accounts.

But think local, too. Some social platforms are better for globalised content, while others are more suited to localised approaches.


Invest in mobile. While m-commerce represents only 1.4% of retail sales in France, beauty brands are working aggressively to close this gap.

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Defend brand turf. E-tailers historically dominate brands in search visibility. However, brands in France are dramatically reversing this trend. Could this lesson be applied to other markets, or does France have a unique set of factors at play?

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