For those who enjoy browsing cocktail recipes but always get distracted before purchasing the ingredients, there is now Drizly Premium Brand Hub, a collection of curated cocktail recipes where every ingredient is shoppable. On the same page, users can learn how to make a Mai Tai and order angostura bitters and dark rum.

A collaboration between FOOD&WINE and alcohol distributor Drizly, the site offers Spirits brands a chance to remedy one of their biggest weak spots. While most Spirits brand sites already publish cocktail recipes, barely any capitalize on them by offering readers a way to buy the ingredients on-site.

Most alcohol producers seem to understand that recipes have promotional value: 84% of Spirits brand sites feature cocktail recipes, according to L2’s Insight Report: Cocktail Recipes. However, only 4% include a product locator and 3% link visitors to an e-tailer where they can order ingredients online – reducing the likelihood that casual browsers will end up making a purchase.
Cocktail recipe functions

Although Drizly competitors like Klink, Minibar, and Saucey already offer brand-sponsored recipes within their apps, the new content hub’s FOOD&WINE co-branding brings this content to a wider audience. By offering shoppable recipes featuring their products, brands can broaden sales and gain cachet among cocktail cognoscenti.


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