Digital marketing is key for fashion brands to maintain and increase brand awareness among luxury consumers. Search alone makes up 56% of traffic to site, highlighting its importance to brands’ marketing strategies.

Fashion brands have notoriously focused their efforts on branded search, leaving unbranded search to mass-market players. But Gartner L2’s recent Fashion Europe report reveals that even with a pivot toward unbranded search, brands find difficulty maintaining reach across the UK, France, and Germany.

Fashion Europe mobile search visibility

Hugo Boss is a notable standout. The German brand localizes its regional search strategies by both considering local device preferences and focusing on where most customers search. In Germany, for example, where mobile usage lags behind other geographies, Hugo Boss focuses more on desktop investments. This allows the brand to appear on over 40% of the top unbranded keywords in Germany through paid search. This strategy is reversed in the UK, where device usage leans toward mobile.

To drive up its organic search visibility and set its site apart from retailers, Hugo Boss leverages editorial and curated content. This includes detailed titles for each product, product descriptions extending beyond materials used, and an e-commerce enabled blog. Hugo Boss further engages customers by integrating editorial content into search results alongside products.

So, before plowing investments into keyword search, brands must consider the behaviors of the consumers in that region and tailor their plan accordingly.

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