Close to three-quarters of luxury brands consider awareness more critical than conversion, and it is reflected in their guided selling tools. Guided selling tools are an opportunity for lifestyle brands to incentivize purchases and increase cart sizes while reinforcing their brand characteristics. Over half (51%) of brands in L2’s Digital IQ Index: Fashion employ such tools, but few fully capitalize them for conversions. For example, less than a third (29%) of guided selling tools in the fashion category recommend products to a shopper and even fewer (27%) allow shoppers to save results to a wish list.


The majority of guided selling investments focus on brand awareness rather than commerce. For example, 73% of brands live stream fashion shows, 71% have an editorial component and 45% offer plot-driven fashion films. Unsurprisingly, commerce takes a backseat; just 37% of brands offering editorial content and 16% offering shoppable videos.


Select brands have found a balance between the two, inconspicuously linking to product pages from compelling editorial site. An example is Belstaff’s “Adventures” blog, which features campaigns, interviews, articles, and videos and provides links for readers who want to “shop the story.”



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