On YouTube, brands can no longer achieve substantial reach without advertising. Fashion brands with mostly sponsored content garner nearly four million total views on average, according to L2’s Fashion: Video report, while brands with mostly organic content hover below 300,000. This brings up a crucial question: what content should brands invest in promoting?

The study finds that “brand building” videos receive the most views. 
Nearly one-third of the most-viewed videos on Fashion brands’ YouTube channels establish brand identity through heritage vignettes and unique, non-celebrity collaborations.

Top Fashion videos

One of the top ten most-viewed videos in the study is Louis Vuitton’s “The Never Ending Story,” which combines rhyming narrative with seamless visuals to tell the story of the designer’s influence over decades. Since its release in early December, the video has generated more than 10 million views. Only 2% of those views were organic, testifying to the high importance of advertising.

Compare that result to the channel’s second most-watched video, “The Spirit of Travel.” Like “The Never Ending Story,” the campaign film was promoted heavily through advertising: 96% of views were paid. However, the total view count was only 3.7 million – suggesting that brand building content can be a more effective allocation of advertising funds.

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