Product reviews hold significant sway with many Asian consumers. In China, for instance, 40% of online shoppers want advice and reviews. But while popular e-tailers such as Taobao integrate review systems, L2’s Intelligence Report: Localization finds that most global brands miss that opportunity.

Only 23% of global brand sites provide ratings and reviews in China, according to the study. Adoption rates are similar in neighboring South Korea and Japan, where the features are available on 26% and 22% of sites respectively. In contrast, they can be found on about half of sites in the U.S. and Canada.

Global Brand Product Pages that Include Ratings and Reviews

The study points out that limited digital budgets often hinder brands from adding these features. Ratings and reviews require significant resources to monitor and maintain, and soliciting feedback from shoppers who have made purchases can also be time-consuming.

Moreover, while brands can generally save time and effort by syndicating site architecture across global sites, reviews are an exception. Because of its local implications, this type of content should be created on a per-country basis rather than centralized. This explains why only 10% of brands offering ratings and reviews in any top e-commerce country provide the features across all global sites. However, the study suggests that taking the time to do so could potentially pay off.

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