Nearly a fifth of brands studied in our 2013 Digital IQ Index: Fashion relaunched their sites in the past year. Our report featured site redesigns of Marc Jacobs, Bottega Veneta, Mulberry, and Coach. Comparing the new to the old, it seems as if websites are moving away from showcasing creativity to a place to display products. The new sites focus less on introducing the brand and more on providing a seamless purchase experience.

Bottega Veneta displays all the products on its site at once, and allows users to narrow their selection. To see a video of the brand’s latest runway collection, viewers need to scroll down past the items. After criticism for attempting to create a virtual store experience, Marc Jacobs changed its homepage to a simpler design that lists apparel and clothing by season. User generated photos and historical tidbits about the brand can be found under “The World of Marc Jacobs” tab.

Mulberry changed its homepage to feature bags instead of photos of its latest runway show. Coach also shifted the focus from models to bags.

Coach's old website.

Coach’s old website.

With more than 15 social platforms available, brands have many options to advertise their identity and captivate users with videos and photos. As the redesigns show, many have found that brand sites serve best as just a place of commerce.

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