chobani (2)‘Gifted’ brand and 7th in our Digital IQ Index: Food Chobani proved itself a brand to watch in the past year. Founded in 2005, the Greek yogurt brand has already captured more market share than longtime players Yoplait and Dannon ( 20.4% vs. 19.9% and 12.1% respectively). The newcomer has leveraged social tools to rise above its weigh class.


Ninety-six percent of Index Food brands have a Facebook page, and Chobani is among the top 10% in engagement.  Chobani’s Facebook community of 970,000 fans is smaller than megabrands such as Häagen-Dazs and KitKat, but the brand’s clever tactics more than make up for it. Chobani was recently featured on Walmart’s Facebook page, extending its visibility to the retailer’s 34 million fans for visibility. Chobani also posted on Facebook a personal apology from CEO Hamdi Ulukaya after voluntarily recalling shipments of yogurt. The post registered 1,700 likes and 2,600 shares, 15x the engagement rate for the average Chobani post.


On Instagram, Chobani has the third most followers among food brands, 61,195, but the brand’s second-screen Oscars campaign established it as a social media heavyweight. Timed with a television ad promoting its use of natural products, Chobani tweeted images of fruit with the caption “Fruit this delicious needs no special effects” hashtagged #howmatters.


Social media’s monetary value for a brand is a topic that generates skepticism and conflicting viewpoints. Chobani’s rise to the top, however, is a testament to social’s possibilities.



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