As TV viewership declines and smartphones replace box sets, views continue to rise on YouTube. The top YouTube channels have more than 10 billion views, and high-profile vloggers can earn six-figure salaries through sponsorships and ad revenue. However, Hair Care brands continue to focus their advertising budgets on traditional TV.

The top 10 brands in L2’s Digital IQ Index: Hair Care & Color invest 251 times more in TV ads than online video display ads. In contrast, the top brands in L2’s Digital IQ Index: Beauty only invest 24 times more in TV, illustrating yet again how brands in the category have been faster to invest in digital than their Hair Care peers.

Admittedly, TV will not disappear any time soon, and commercials can still deliver a major payoff in terms of visibility. However, brands should allocate TV spend with an eye to how content can be repurposed on digital channels like YouTube, especially during tentpole events.

Pantene's YouTube campaign

For example, Genius brand Pantene supplemented its “Dad-Do’s” Super Bowl ads with short videos on YouTube. The TV ads, which depict football stars styling their daughters’ hair, created so much buzz that the related YouTube videos garnered a substantial percentage of organic views – as much as 57%, according to the L2 study. As TV viewers migrate to digital channels, brands should consider the benefits of such a strategy.


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