As analysts bemoan Twitter’s slowing growth, brands still use the platform to drum up engagement around tent pole events. Yesterday’s Groundhog Day resulted in about 124,000 tweets – some vastly overshadowing others in terms of social savvy.

Has there ever been a trending hashtag without awkward product tie-ins?

One of the slyer takes on the theme, this visual from Hostess was tweeted three times in a row (get it?) The clever reference doubles as a great engagement strategy.

Meanwhile, JCPenney used a poll to bolster engagement, asking users what kind of shoes they predicted they’d be wearing for the next six weeks.

The best social media strategy from #GroundhogDay might be the most obvious. While the chubby rodent might not be the next “Lost Puppy,” L2 research suggests that cute animal photos are the best way to generate engagement. (That’s also true on Instagram, where dog photos help ASOS garner more interactions than any other Department Store brand.)

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