When it comes to providing expedited payment options, few DTC retailers follow best practices. Of the eleven choices available, from PayPal to Apple Pay, most brands in L2’s Mobile Payments report offer only one. Furthermore, many adopters fail to advertise their payment options prior to the final checkout page, undermining those platforms’ potential to lift conversion rates.

Mobile payments

PayPal is the most popular payment platform, adopted by 77% of DTC brands, and Apple Pay has risen to become the second most-supported. Even Visa Checkout, which is only offered by 12% of these brands, has 20 million active users — demonstrating the impressive scale of these services and the opportunity they present.

Mobile payments

This deficiency highlights a broader issue: most brands have yet to master the mobile checkout experience. Nearly half of DTC brands in L2’s study still require shoppers to fill out multiple pages in order to make a purchase. Just 14% have implemented a mobile-optimized checkout process that fits on a single page and requires no reloads.

Best-in-class brands not only invest in multiple payment partners to open up conversion opportunities, but also market them thoughtfully throughout the shopping experience. For example, clothing retailer Hollister feeds its three expedited payment options incrementally, first highlighting the availability of Apple Pay in an anchored footer at the bottom of the shopping cart page. If users click the checkout button instead, they are presented with a lightbox showcasing PayPal and Visa Checkout, making clear that a plethora of payment options are available. 

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