While brands in Asia have flocked to WeChat and Line to woo consumers, U.S. companies have been slower to leverage mobile messaging. Just a third of brands tracked by L2 offer SMS alerts, and of those brands, nearly half fail to send a single message in the month following signup.

Opting into SMS alerts

Also problematically, most brands restrict their SMS correspondence with consumers to promotional messages about shipping and discounts, according to L2’s Data and Targeting report. That bland content might further deter consumers from opting to receive texts from brands.

Aéropostale’s SMS strategy illustrates this issue. When shoppers sign up to receive text message alerts, they are asked their names, whether they are shopping for children, and if they are new customers. However, Aéropostale fails to actually use that information. All users receive the same offers, and messages do not even include basic personalization features such as recipient names. While the brand is impressively prolific, sending out texts every week – twice as often as the average brand – this lack of personalization could irritate consumers and make them less likely to sign up for brand texts in the future.



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