While program benefits remain integral to a loyalty program’s success, rewards are no longer enough to attract and maintain consumer attention. The best loyalty programs are integrated across all digital touchpoints, providing users with an always-on experience and increasing program engagement. However, the majority of brands in L2’s Intelligence Report: Loyalty fail to integrate their loyalty programs digitally. Many struggle with low program visibility and clunky digital interfaces, ultimately diminishing the impact of what these programs have to offer.

DSW has made significant strides in recent months to incorporate its loyalty program across channels. In March, DSW upgraded its mobile app and improved the reward experience. The app home screen now welcomes consumers by name, and users can easily access their rewards certificates and rewards card without changing screens. A multi-step tutorial clearly explains how the program is integrated within the app and indicates that DSW Rewards members have more personalized app experiences than non-members. These upgrades differentiate DSW from the crowded loyalty space, as only 18% of brands incorporate special loyalty features beyond program information (e.g. in-app reward redemption) into their apps.


DSW also deploys highly personalized reward email campaigns. To incentivize purchases, the brand sends status updates indicating how close loyalty members are to a rewards certificate. DSW also sends detailed snapshots of customer interactions with DSW Rewards to encourage further interactions. After a personalized campaign in Q1, the brand enjoyed a 13% increase in click-through rates and a 64% lift in email open rates. These DSW Rewards integration improvements also have a direct correlation with spikes in Google search volume.

DSW's Loyalty program

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