e-commerce-agility-2015-adoption-rates-by-platform-type-among-brands-in-l2-digital-iq-indexA striking realization in L2’s Intelligence Report: E-Commerce Agility: brands across all categories in the Digital IQ Index are moving away from in-house platforms. Nearly 38% of Indexed brands had adopted such a platform in 2011, compared to just 25% in 2015. Meanwhile cloud – used by less than 20% of Index brands in 2011 – is experiencing an increase in adoption.

The growing preference for cloud could have something to do with a demand for flexibility. (Cloud allows changes to digital assets to happen in a short time and at a low cost.) L2 did a 12-week study of 82 brands, and found that the average brand landing site underwent 2.7 changes per week.


For some categories, cloud platforms may hold an even larger appeal. L2’s study shows brands in the broadlines category make the highest number of weekly landing page updates (3.7):


For more on how the digital assets of brands using cloud differ from those of brands using other platforms, download a copy of L2’s Intelligence Report: E-Commerce and Agility made in partnership with Demandware.

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