While fashion trends constantly occupy the spotlight, basics drive the majority of sales. Classics like T-shirts drive over 75% of sales for most fashion brands. That percentage is even greater on Amazon, leading many brands to struggle to keep popular SKUs in stock, according to L2’s Amazon Fashion report.

In the US, just 41% of Amazon merchant SKUs are in full stock and that number falls by half in the UK, France, and Germany. Since shoppers might resort to third-party merchants for sold-out inventory, those brands are missing out on potential sales.

Amazon SKUs

Moreover, Amazon’s efforts to maintain the largest possible assortment of products results in buried listings. The L2 study pinpoints several products that fail to surface. For example, the top search result for “Michael Kors Shoes” is a black flat with 283 reviews, while a similar item appearing in the tenth page of results has no reviews – suggesting its sales volume is equally limited.


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