Today, we released our first Digital IQ Index report focused on Brazil. The country’s prestige market, though the largest in South America, has not lived up to the ambitious predictions of most industry experts. To give you a primer on the country, below is an original infographic with data that paints a clearer picture of Brazil’s growing wealthy class, their penchant for luxury goods (and where they’re buying the majority of them), and their online profile. Perhaps the most important data point–and certainly one that supports one of the major themes in this report–is in the bottom left-hand corner: 50 percent of Brazil’s luxury market share belongs to local brands. While homegrown brands like Natura and Melissa and dozens of others have created a thriving native luxury market, they have also contributed to a more challenging entry for foreign brands as well as hinder larger global growth.



For more information on our inaugural Digital IQ Index: Brazil Prestige report, download an excerpt and watch our original animated video here.

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