Given the size of Brazil’s economy, the wealth of its expanding middle class, and the primary role so many of its citizens play in various luxury sectors (the trio of Gisele, Adriana and ¬†Alessandra, alone, has defined the 21st-century Model Mogul), it makes sense that for years analysts have had high expectations for the growth of South America’s largest luxury market. Unfortunately, as assessed in our new Digital IQ Index: Brazil Prestige report, which tracks and benchmarks the performance of 123 brands in the local marketplace over the past year, Brazil has posted growth in the luxury space but not nearly as fast or as robustly as predicted. In this video interview, L2 Founder Scott Galloway talks about why this has been the case, the role that digital has played in brands’ business strategies in Brazil, and offers advice to brands–in particular, foreign brands–that are looking to expand their presence there.

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