Data capture is essential for sophisticated email marketing, especially for luxury goods that require personalization for an elevated shopping experience. Trigger emails are the most common form of deployment and cover a range of customer activity from customer browsing history (e.g. abandoned cart, products similar to prior purchase, etc.) to occasion-specific shopping (e.g. birthday, anniversary). At sign up, James Allen drives customers to fill in gender information, leading to the customization of emails by gendered product offerings. Though email sign up is generally one step for every disruptor, customer account preferences encourage information sharing, which can then be leveraged by brands (e.g. relationship status, wedding date, jewelry preference, etc.)

Innovative strategies are abound for disruptors. Blue Nile adds cross-selling of similar products to abandoned cart emails, with cultivated product merchandising throughout. Additionally, Blue Nile caters to the bridal experience and leverages UGC directly within emails highlighting the branded hashtag (#BlueNileSparkle). Clicking on featured images in all instances drives directly to relevant collection pages or PDPs. Brilliance gives product comparison options within their emails, similar to the desktop experience.

In order to maximize email open rates and readability, disruptors are prioritizing subject line character length. Average length of subject lines for the month of April 2017 are below 40 characters for all disruptors examined, meaning that subject lines are fully visible on most mobile devices, which now accounts for 68% of email opens. Brands with mobile apps are utilizing below-the-fold real estate within emails to strategically push users on a mobile device to download and open the app.


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