For Luxury more than any other sector, customer service is paramount. Two in three U.S. consumers would pay more for a brand that offered better customer service, and nearly as many have abandoned purchases after a poor experience. Yet as consumers shift towards mobile channels, few Luxury brands have made customer service a priority.

Most shoppers prefer to make Luxury purchases in-store rather than online, yet only 20% of brands let them book appointments via mobile, according to L2’s Luxury Customer Service report. And while 67% of Luxury Watches & Jewelry brands’ mobile sites let shoppers click to call a specific store location, only a third allow consumers to message the concierge directly from the product page.

Luxury customer service

Everlane provides an example of a savvy mobile-first strategy. When consumers order clothes from the online retailer, Everlane uses Facebook Messenger to provide them with key information about shipment status and expected delivery date. As shoppers move to mobile, that added layer of transparency could help brands distinguish themselves from the competition.


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