Budweiser revealed to a skeptical audience this week that it was planning to run a sequel to its 2014 Super Bowl ad “Puppy Love” for this year’s big game. So far, enough ad sequels (Volkswagen’s sequel to The Force, Apple’s Lemmings) have failed to deter brands from repeating. Yet, a look at what the Puppy Love segment did for Budweiser’s numbers shows the team could be forgiven for wanting to stick to what worked so well.

L2’s Digital IQ Index: Beer shows YouTube views of the Budweiser 451% in the week before the game and 106% in the week after. To put those numbers in perspective, brands that ran an ad during Super Bowl achieved on average a 16.8% total lift on YouTube views.

beer-04Budweiser’s Twitter followers increased by 11.7% in those two weeks, whereas the average brand that invests in a Game Day ad can expect a 2.4% increase.

beer-05 copyAnd views of Budweiser’s teaser during pre-game week dwarfed sister brand Bud Light’s.


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