Walmart’s double-digit e-commerce growth in 2017, fueled by its acquisition of Jet, has turned the retailer into a must-win digital partner for home care brands. As its e-commerce business accelerates, the retailer has introduced basket-building features and on-platform marketing opportunities that rival Amazon and with a website overhaul on the way, Walmart’s digital future looks bright. However, the rise of Jet poses a threat to brands when it comes to product visibility.

Private label visibility on both Walmart and Jet is greater than on Amazon: 14% of unbranded home care product searches on Jet feature the retailer’s Uniquely J brand in the top position, while only half a percent of top listings on Amazon feature its private label Presto! Jet accentuates this threat to brands by suggesting bundles that add Uniquely J to branded product buys, leveraging established brand awareness to steal market share. This threat is compounded by the fact that customers save nearly three times more when buying bundles constructed for Uniquely J products than those offered for other brand products.

To combat private label priority and still meet consumer demand for discounted bundles, brands can introduce more individual bundled product listings. For example, Procter & Gamble offers a bundled listing for Tide, Bounce, and Downy products. To create this type of bundled listing, brands can monitor items that are suggested as “frequently bought together” across retailers, pinning down opportunities for optimal bundling.

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