Blog-Resize (3)Instagram tested video ads this week and approved 15 brands (among them Levi’s and Burberry) to use the platform. More brands have applied, but Instagram has been selective. It’s no surprise  tech-savvy Burberry is one of the first brands to employ the new advertising method. It was one of the first luxury brands to join Facebook in 2009, and has live streamed fashion shows since 2011.


Levi’s has successfully promoted its brand as a lifestyle on multimedia campaigns. For example, the commuter campaign showcases the cyclist lifestyle through YouTube videos and photos selected from a user-generated pool. Levi’s has also purchased Instagram photo ads, all featuring scenery from a hypothetical American road trip.


Instagram has not yet revealed the other 13 brands to run video ads, but the content will be engaging as Instagram seeks to keep its visual edge. It looks as if the Instagram’s advertising model could be similar to that of magazines, where ads are part of the editorial content instead of an interruption.

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