Vlogger mentions can be a temporary Midas touch for beauty brands, triggering a sharp increase in interest from consumers. To prolong this effect, brands should consider investing in mutually beneficial relationships with prominent influencers.

An early adopter of influencer partnerships, BH Cosmetics launched products with high-profile influencers such as Shaanxo and Carlibybel. As part of these partnerships, both maintain YouTube playlists dedicated to their product collaborations. Even though the first videos were uploaded in early 2016, they are still a top source of referral traffic to the brand’s site. Shaanxo updates the playlist regularly but continues to give primary real estate to older uploads, helping to secure consistent views over time.

Founded in 1994, OFRA Cosmetics has experienced a rebirth of interest with its successful influencer partnerships. When OFRA and NikkieTutorials collaborated in March 2017, NikkieTutorials posted on both Instagram and YouTube, while OFRA used a consolidated hashtag (#OfraxNikkieTutorials) and linked to the line on its primary navigation menu. In addition, Kathleen Light’s May 2017 video featuring her collaboration with OFRA is still one of the top drivers of social traffic to the brand’s site. These two successful partnerships boosted the brand’s visibility, leading it to begin distribution on Ulta in October 2017.

Unlike Instagram posts, videos on YouTube are not left forgotten under an avalanche of highly curated and perfectly timed content. Influencers can showcase older videos in separate playlists. When done right, product collaborations lead to long-lasting effects from vlogger mentions, ensuring a steady stream of interest.

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