Screen Shot 2014-06-26 at 10.07.09 AMCanada could be on its way to lose, or shrink, one of retail’s most effective marketing tools. Canada’s anti-spam legislation now states a single email classified as spam could cost an individual up to $1 million, and a brand up to $10 million.


Under the new regulations, marketing emails are acceptable provided consumers have opted in. As the deadline (July 1) approaches, brands are sending emails asking (and in the case of Lululemon begging) their subscribers to reconfirm their desire to receive emails for extra protection against the law.


Many of those consumers may in fact re-subscribe. Despite consumers looking to alternative channels such as social media for news, unsubscribe rates have declined in the past year. Mobile open rates and read-throughs are higher than ever, and consumers are not just reading. The average order per email increased to $182.92 from $159.93 across all retail categories.


Are consumers opening emails mindlessly, or do they look forward to receiving communications from brands? How many marketing emails Canadian brands are able to send after the legislation goes in effect will answer that question.

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