Brands typically find success in using social media to build awareness, but French Beauty brand Eau Jeune is testing Facebook’s potential as a direct sales tool.

In 2016, Facebook strengthened its e-commerce offerings and offered Messenger features that enable brands to sell products directly to consumers. Eau Jeune made a daring move in reponse: it shuttered its website and redirected traffic to the brand’s Facebook page. Like a website, the page features e-commerce – linking directly to Eau Jeune’s Amazon product gallery via Facebook’s Shop Now call-to-action button. The page also offers customer service via Facebook Messenger.

Eau Jeune

While 39% of brands in L2’s Digital IQ Index: Beauty France use the Shop Now feature, few have committed so boldly to the strategy. However, this is hardly a one-size-fits-all recommendation; if Eau Jeune succeeds, it will likely be due to the brand’s outsized Facebook performance. Last year its account garnered seven times more engagement than the average company in L2’s study, and this year the brand maintained its top position– suggesting that Eau Jeune customers were already accustomed to following the brand’s activity on the platform. Companies with a smaller Facebook presence will likely see better results from selling on the brand site and partnering with e-tailers.

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