emailsAs in everywhere else, email is a powerful marketing tactic in Canada. 93% of Canadians have opted into at least one email list, and 44% of those subscribers say they have made a purchase as a result. Canadian retailers are active on the medium. Brands in our Intelligence Report: Omnichannel Retail | Canada send on average 2.4 emails per week (excluding outlier Beyond the Rack, a flash site that sends 20 emails a week), far more than the U.S. and Europe brands. For example, Beauty brands in the U.S. send 1.4 emails a week and U.K. Beauty brands send 0.8.


A few exceptions have been less active in Canada than in the U.S. Target sends fewer emails to Canadian consumers than to U.S. ones, one or two per week vs. five. Walmart sends four emails per week to Canadian consumers (inflating the category) and seven emails a week to U.S. ones. It is not certain if more is better after a certain number of emails, as marketers are still looking to determine the sweet spot that increases sales but does not lead to unsubscribes.


Despite frequent general mailings Canadian retailers send fewer abandoned cart emails than their U.S. counterparts, 25% compared to 31%. The strategy is a loss for Canada retail, since the former have two to four times the open and click through rates.

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