In a previous L2 posts (blog and video), we mention how Canadian retailers are unprepared for Amazon’s upcoming expansion. Few Canadian brands offer free shipping, and those who do rarely advertise it. The cost-ineffective Canada Post is partially to blame.


But a few such as Canadian Tire and London Drugs are fighting the Amazon threat by shifting focus from e-commerce to integrated inventory, turning their brick-and-mortar footprint to a competitive advantage. Fourteen retailers in our Intelligence Report: Omnichannel Retail | Canada have made their real-time inventory visible to consumers, allowing them to search for specific SKUs across all locations. A third of retailers in allow users to pick up e-commerce purchases in-store, and 14% enable reserving online. 60% allow return of e-commerce purchases in stores.


So far, the strategy is going over well. 35% of Canadians say in-store pickup is convenient provided there is a location nearby, and 65% say the option of returning an e-commerce purchase in-store makes them more likely to shop with a retailer.

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