The Miu Miu satchel you saw Michelle Williams carrying, that BMW coupe in the new Bond movie, the five-star Balinese resort you read about in your favorite travel magazine. When we task Google to give us information on aspirational purchases like these, a few of us may actually be researching, but really, for the majority, we’re digitally daydreaming. According to a new report from Digital Luxury Group, which analyzed luxury brand Google searches last year, whether we’re buying or browsing, one thing is clear: Americans check out cars more than anything else.


Amassing 48 percent of more than 470 million luxury brand searches and landing six of the 10 most-searched brands, automakers like BMW (#1), Audi (#2) and Lexus (#6) should all feel quite good about these results. Not even high gas prices, double-digit unemployment and a lingering recession could keep Americans from spending hours online looking up vehicles that often cost more than the median U.S. household income.


Among the five remaining luxury verticals, fashion and accessories came in second with 23.4 percent of hits, followed by hospitality with 13.2 percent, watches with 7.2 percent, jewelry with 5.1 percent and beauty with 3.1 percent.


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