This week, Chanel released earnings numbers for 2017 that made the luxury fashion house one of the world’s leading brands in sales. Considering Chanel’s efforts in digital marketing this past year, the reported 11% increase in revenue from 2016 is not surprising.


Chanel holds an unusual position in the fashion world because of its very limited e-commerce adoption. In Gartner L2’s Digital IQ Index: Fashion, the brand placed 21st. However, Chanel has been investing in other areas of digital, boasting more display and video ad impressions in the past year than almost any other brand in the study. On the social side, Chanel has more Instagram followers than any other brand in the Index and is one of the 10 brands with the most engagement on its Instagram posts.

Aside from online advertising and social media, Chanel also implemented an innovative and effective digital tool to increase sales in 2017. The augmented reality tool was introduced to Chanel’s sunglasses e-commerce site, allowing customers to virtually try on and compare sunglasses before purchase. Since accessories are one of the few categories of Chanel products available for sale online, it makes sense that the brand would focus efforts in this area. Though other brands across sectors have recently implemented similar tools, few are as user-friendly and accessible as Chanel’s. This is just one component of Chanel’s hugely successful overall digital strategy to drive engagement and sales.

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