The Luxury Institute’s 2018 Emotionally Intelligent Brand Index names Chanel the most emotionally intelligent brand. “Quality of business” and “emotional connection” accounted for at least half of the brand’s top score, according to the report.

This finding comes as no surprise, as Gartner L2 has long recognized Chanel’s digital savvy. The brand placed in the Gifted category in the last five relevant Digital IQ Indexes (Fashion, Luxury China, Beauty France, Beauty UK, and Beauty China).

Coincidence or correlation?


Chanel’s recent e-commerce overhaul demonstrates how the brand keeps its pulse on customers and reacts to market changes by innovating its digital strategy.

For the redesign, the brand consolidated separate category-based sites onto one platform, but kept its unique approach to each category. This indicates an understanding of the nuances between products and path to purchase. In other words, what a customer is looking for will inevitably drive how the customer shops.

For example, in Chanel’s Watches & Jewelry category, the call-to-action is “Call for Availability.” The brand acknowledges that the price point of the item is high without always explicitly listing it, as the typical Watch customer isn’t likely to make the purchase online. However, a high-quality digital experience helps customers search and discover and eventually pushes them in-store to eventually make the purchase.

In the fashion category, items can be shopped by collection and curated looks list products separately with prices. As Gartner L2 co-founder Maureen Mullen put it in her recent case study, “Pricing information in the luxury industry is paramount. It sends signals; it gives the consumers confidence to enter stores.”

If the price is too high, Chanel still gives consumers a reason to browse its site by turning the content section into a research destination. The site features the latest Chanel news and arrivals, providing what the consumer wants and making that “emotional connection.”

Maureen thanks Chanel “for bringing together a diversity of product categories and commercial models into a single experience.” Look for Chanel to continue to listen to customer feedback and build on its site accordingly.

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