Shoppers must often trawl through mountains of information to find their next mobile phone plan. Chatbots can ease this process, providing instant help and streamlining customer queries before handing them off to a live representative.

Yet just 12% of brands in Gartner L2’s Digital IQ Index: Mobile Operators maintain on-site chatbots for this purpose. The Netherlands leads the way with three sites featuring chatbots (Tele2, KPN, and Telfort).

KPN and its subsidiary operator, Telfort, both use the same on-site chatbot to route queries and collect relevant personal information from shoppers. After a few simple prompts to narrow the issue, the user is then given the opportunity to be connected with a live customer service agent to resolve the problem. Tele2’s chatbot also features prominently across the brand’s support pages and is labeled a “virtual assistant.”

Outside their websites, 7% of brands in the study incorporate bots into Facebook Messenger for basic customer service offerings, and 4% take this further with guided multiple-choice messaging options.


This semi-personalized experience should provide shoppers with a more seamless journey, encouraging repeat brand interactions.

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