A first glance at China beverage brands’ data collection practices suggest a savvy approach: 72% of brands collect consumers’ mobile numbers and 69% collect email addresses. However, few brands tend to leverage these contacts. For example, personalization is a challenge without knowing consumers’ gender, birthdays, product preferences and names. And just 55% of brands collect names and only 45% know their consumers genders. Similarly, only 38% collect birthdays and and 10% collect product preferences.

There is also a large gap between information collected and utilized. For example, just 10% of brands prompt users to sign up for SMS alerts and just 29% provide an opt-in for emails.

Loyalty programs are still nascent in China’s beverage industry, utilized by fewer than one in five brands. Jiaduobao leads the way in incentivizing repeat purchases with a dedicated microsite showing prizes available by points.

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