Overall, brand participation on OTA platforms is highly developed in the US and China. In the U.S., 85% of Prestige Hotel brands in the L2 Index are listed on OTAs, but just 73% of are listed on European OTAs. And, prestige hotel brands on U.S. OTA sites list on average 56 properties per brand, compared to 32 properties per brand on European OTA sites. OTA participation is far behind in APAC; just 65% of Prestige Hotel brands listed on regional OTAs with just 13 brands per property.


But Prestige Hotels’ participation in APAC OTAs doesn’t match users’ enthusiasm for these sites. Each Property listed on an APAC OTA has 165 reviews, almost double the reviews per property on U.S. OTA sites. The number of reviews has grown by 225% year over year, bolstered by China’s 26% growth in travel since 2012. Luxury hotels have been working to capture China’s travel boom, and presence on a regional OTA could differentiate a brand from others targeting the same market. One U.S. OTA has made a bet on their growth, Priceline recently made a $500 million investment in CTrip, which held 48% of China’s OTA market share in the second quarter of 2012.


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